Tina is studying a Level 5 Foundation Degree (FdA) in Early Childhood Education.

Why did you choose to enrol/study at Carshalton College?

 I had always wanted to study for an Early Years degree, but the time had never been right before. Speaking with one of the tutors on the course finally encouraged me to enrol. It was a great decision, one I wished I had taken sooner.

Why did you choose your course?

 I choose to study the Foundation Degree Early Childhood Education because I have worked with under-fives for 30 years and wanted to broaden my knowledge.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of course?

The most enjoyable aspect of the course is bringing back new knowledge and passion to the setting. The course has had an enormous impact on my practice, and I have been able to make positive changes which have benefitted the children, their families and the practitioners.

How do you find the teaching and level of support from tutors?

The teaching has been excellent, as has the support. I received formative feedback on all my modules which supported me to gain excellent results. During my first year, I also had challenges in my home life. My tutor supported me through this time and got to know me as a person.

How do you manage to fit in the study around your work and family life?

I have a supportive family, but the degree is a great deal of work. I managed the workload by doing a little bit each day, getting up early and studying for an hour when the house was quiet. 

How does the course help you in your workplace setting?

The course has developed my knowledge and I have been able to hone in on my personal interest. The modules have themes but also allow you to follow your own passions. I have learned about theorists which have the same ethos as me, and this endorsement has given me the impetus to make changes to the setting. I was also able to conduct research into practitioner well-being, an issue which was brought to the forefront of our minds by Covid.  

What are your goals/plans or your next study/career options?

Next year I am excited to be studying for the BA in Early Childhood Education. After that I am not sure, but I do know that I will have more career options having a degree.

Do you have any advice for other potential students looking to enrol on your course?

My advice would be to chip away each day at the coursework. This ensures that you have the module finished ahead of time and can benefit from formative feedback. I advise students to stop thinking about enrolling, and just do it!