South Thames College was delighted to host Springboard Youth Academy over the February half term. This 5 day ESOL programme took a holistic approach to building personal confidence and developing awareness of mental and physical health. The 19 participants included a group of students enrolled at South Thames. Team leader for ESOL/EFL Roberto Palma Forjan said: "There was a tremendously inclusive group ethos. It was wonderfully uplifting to see the girls taking part in the sports with the boys and the mutual support and culture of positive reinforcement on display. The classroom activities revealed a whole new side to our students which we don't get to see in our termly lessons. Students used drama, team building games, art, and discussion activities to learn about the connections between physical and mental health while fostering a deep respect for each other's identities and backgrounds".

Springboard Youth Academy provides newly arrived young people including refugees and asylum seekers a vital opportunity to make friends, acquire English language and life skills, and begin to rebuild their lives.