Level 1 & Level 3 Art & Design students at South Thames College have transformed the store front at Minar Jewellers in Tooting with a festive wonderland theme, showcasing the beauty of both the season and the jeweller’s stunning collection.

Talented students Meresa Daley, Alejandro Vieira, Bruna Alves de Oliveira, Isabella Richardson and Cruz Richardson poured their creativity into designing, crafting and installing this captivating display, while Ja-Naye Jones-Davidson, Robert Curri and Muhammad Abu Jabal’s support with designs and artistry brought these pieces to life. It’s a heart-warming collaboration that captures the spirit of the holidays, inviting all to experience the magic of ‘snow Diamonds’ and celebrating the talent of our learners at South Thames College!

Jaysal Pattni (P.J.Dip), Director of Minar Jewellers, commented: "We were pleased with the creativity and the dedication of the students. They came up with an innovative Christmas theme.

The window looks really attractive. We have seen more shoppers stop by to have a look at our jewellery after the new window display was completed."