Level 1 David 1Level 2 Riley 1Level 3 Zak 1

Putting our Carpentry students' skills to the test, we organised a spirited competition for Levels 1-3, complete with timed assessments by our dedicated Carpentry teaching staff.

Each level faced a unique task:

  • Level 1: Complete a Tri Joint frame.
  • Level 2: Tackle two timber repair tasks.
  • Level 3: Master the art of fitting a rebated lock with 2 hinges.

The workshop buzzed with anticipation, concentration, and excitement!

Introducing competitive tasks not only challenges our students to showcase precision and creativity but also hones their time management skills. To sweeten the deal, we had some incredible prizes (below pic) up for grabs to further fuel the competitive spirit.

Congratulations to the Winners:

  • Level 1: David Tarasiewicz (left)
  • Level 2: Riley Skuse (middle)
  • Level 3: Zakaria Izeboudjene (right)

A massive well done to all our competing students! Your dedication and craftsmanship truly shone through.