The Committee of South London Principals (COSLP) held their annual Best Learner and Teacher Awards on Thursday 23 May at the House of Lords to celebrate their very best learners and exceptional teachers.

South Thames College is pleased to announce its winners!

Best Student South Thames College: Salih Ahmed (pictured second left)

Salih is an outstanding student at South Thames College who not only is a true gentleman but works incredibly hard, using all resources made available to him to improve his life.

Having moved to the UK from Africa just a couple of years ago and living with his foster parents, he has already achieved so much in his young life. 

Salih grabs any opportunity to learn with both hands - taking part in extra revision classes, volunteering with the ‘Bread winners’ programme and attending study groups - and always asks how he can improve his work further. Salih is a wonderfully well-mannered young man, with exceptional attendance at college, and is set to pass his course with flying colours.

Salih has personally developed his confidence and is a happy and joyful young man. His life cannot have been easy prior to moving to the UK, but he has made the most of living a fulfilled life. We are delighted to support him to really live his dream as he progresses with us next year.

Best Teacher South Thames College: Ashley Firth (pictured first left)

Ashley is an exceptional Level 1 Skills for Employability teacher at South Thames College. She works incredibly hard with a group of students, who face many challenges. Her success both with qualification outcomes and changing the lives of her students is phenomenal.

She is relentless in her approach to support but also instils social awareness and British values in everything she does. She offers students discussion, debate and life lessons they may not have learned from others in their young lives thus far.

Ashley takes a professional interest in all of her students individually and involves them in many extra-curricular and volunteering activities, which further expands their understanding of life in UK and allows them to grow further personally and professionally.

Through personal hardship, Ashley has proved resilient and gives the care and time needed to be a truly exceptional teacher of young people.