MPs Fleur Anderson and Natalya Pipa (MP in Ukraine) visited Level 3 Civil Engineering Apprentices and a group of Ukrainian students. 

Fleur Anderson is an MP for Putney and Natalya Pipa is a Ukrainian politician currently serving as a People's Deputy of Ukraine. Fleur is one of 6 MPs to be twinned with Ukrainian MPs to support victory in the war. She hosted Natalya for meetings in Parliament and Putney.

Both MPs commenced their visit by interacting with Level 3 Civil Engineering Apprentices, providing insights into the workings of Apprenticeships and Pathways towards Higher National Certificates (HNCs) and Higher National Diplomas (HNDs).

Following this, they met with a group of Ukrainian students to discuss educational opportunities and career prospects, shedding light on the British educational system.

A round-table discussion ensued, featuring a diverse selection of learners, including Ukrainian nationals. This exchange facilitated a vibrant dialogue on education and vocational training.

The collaborative effort between Fleur Anderson and Natalya Pipa highlights the importance of international partnerships in the realm of education and beyond.