Merton College ESOL student Gian De Angelia has been awarded the prestigious Jisc Digital Student Award for positively embracing digital technology.

Gian’s teacher Cheryl says: “Gian, an adult ESOL student, has never allowed his lack of knowledge to inhibit him in learning new digital skills. He has made use of all digital tools used in class including Kahoot, Wordwall and Quizlet, uses Teams regularly to access class resources and Flip to record videos on class topics.

He has engaged in all aspects of learning digital skills in class and has become confident enough to post resources for the benefit of his classmates. He never fails to complete assignments on any digital platform he’s required to produce work on. Gian is always helping other students who are less confident with digital skills.”

This award is not only testament to Gian, but to Cheryl too, for always looking at ways to innovate and embed digital pedagogical practices in her teaching and learning.