Second year Kingston College Art & Design student, Josie Granger, has published a children’s book, ‘Maya and the Midnight Star: Shadows Awaken’, following an assignment titled ‘From Above’, for which she’s been graded outstanding.

Josie’s tutor, Jason Perrin, Programme Leader - Art & Design, says: “Since September Josie has been pursuing the Illustration pathway on her course, for which she has been achieving excellent grades placing her well on track to achieve the highest award in June. For the assignment Josie wanted to further extend her digital skills by using such software as Procreate. Josie Illustrated, storyboarded and wrote the story for this outstanding piece of coursework. Josie's goal is to continue to write and Illustrate children's books and to self-publish, eventually working with an Illustration agency. In September she intends to enrol on online skills-based courses to further extend her digital skills and palette. She is also keen to volunteer here at the College to help out in our Art Studios and of course we'd love to have her back!”

Josie says: “I spent a lot of time as a kid immersed in the imaginary worlds of books, and for a long time I have wanted to use my own stories to help create that same experience for children who would read my books. So, to have finally published my first children's book has been very exciting as I can now go forward to build my library of published works. 

Josie’s book centres on Maya, a young girl who finds a fallen wishing star in her pond and embarks on a magical midnight adventure, discovering that the star's shimmering light can bring shadows to life. Order your copy of ‘Maya and the Midnight Star: Shadows Awaken’ today and immerse yourself in this celestial tale: Josie Granger: Amazon.