Kingston College works in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC) Sport to provide amazing opportunities for a select number of students to receive extra training and certifications through their Leadership Programme. At the start of the academic year we had many applicants applying for the next physical activity ambassadors at Kingston College; of which there are three different roles. The first is This Girl Can ambassadors who are tasked with trying to promote the involvement of females in physical activity. Secondly are the Wellbeing ambassadors who have the task of promoting the benefits of physical activity on mental health and encouraging those with mental health difficulties to take part. Our other ambassadors are English Colleges Football Association (ECFA) activators who look to promote and support our football provision.

We have two students for each of the roles who are provided with access to training and certificates specific to their role, all for free. They are also taken on training days off site, given free kit and have opportunities to earn gift cards throughout the year.

Earlier this academic year, all of our ambassadors visited Tottenham Hotspurs’ new stadium in north London for a fantastic day where they had the opportunity to meet their peers from other colleges around London, exchanging ideas and building upon their abilities to engage the students back at Kingston.

The next few months promise to be big for our ambassadors. Having recently attended a training day at Surrey Sports Park, they are confident in their abilities to empower and inspire others. After securing funding following a successful bid, the ambassadors plan to host an event this Spring for all the students at Kingston College to engage them in physical activity and frame it in an enjoyable way.