The residential five day trip is an important part of the Prince's Trust programme with the main objective of the week is to foster team work while allowing young individuals to explore and understand themselves better.

Throughout the experience, they not only acquire new skills but also realise their potential to accomplish tasks they once deemed impossible. This realisation is pivotal for the success of both the week and the course, instilling in them the confidence to confront any challenge. We firmly advocate for conducting these activities outdoors, away from the familiar environment of home.. Being in unfamiliar surroundings and stepping out of their comfort zones is key to this process.

Some of the activities included:

  • Goat: taking part in the ‘Goat Show’ where they were tasked with grooming and caring for a goat. They also had to encourage the goat to perform an obstacle course to try to win first place in the show.
  • Raft building: building a raft from planks, rope and barrels. They then tested their craftsmanship by putting it on the swimming pool and completing various challenges!
  • Ropes: completing a challenge on the ropes course where they had to balance on the wire whilst passing each other using only a rope to balance themselves.
  • Lake: after completing various challenges on the ropes course, one young person was unfortunate enough to fall into the lake!