Our Plumbing students showcased their skills in an exciting competition, designed for Levels 1 and 2, timed and assessed by our Plumbing teaching staff. To accommodate the group, the competition unfolded over two days, revealing winners in two exhilarating rounds.

In Round 1, Level 1 students domonstrated their creativity in crafting a kitchen roll holder within a two-hour timeframe. Extra points were awarded for those who ventured into designing their own holders.

Meanwhile, Level 2 students faced the challenge of creating a propane gas bottle holder, with bonus points for those who exhibited precision through copper bends instead of fittings.

Round 1 Winners: 

Level 1: 1st Michael Waite, 2nd Tommy Bennett, 3rd Hassan Abdullah

Level 2: 1st Bradley Whittaker, 2nd Cian Scullion, 3rd Mohammed Niazi

Round 2 Winners: 

Level 1: 1st Luka Nielsen, 2nd Henry Peart-Smith

Level 2: 1st Samuel Mensah, 2nd Mohamed Messaoudi, 3rd Joseph Kamara

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! This competition was not just a contest; it was an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity, skills, and precision techniques in a fun and friendly environment.