Milly Clarke tells us about her experience on our 'Fashion - sew your own clothes' short course which she took last year – and she enjoyed it so much she’s signing up for the Summer course!

Did you enjoy the course?

Adult education rocks! I loved the course - the teachers were knowledgeable and approachable with lots of tips, and tricks to improve our technique. It was a really inclusive environment, with people from different backgrounds and abilities - we could go at our own pace. Getting to grips with the different equipment in the sewing room was a joy - I learnt so much. I'd never have been able to use a four thread machine, or an industrial sewing machine if I'd not attended this course. 

Why did you take the course? For relaxation, new hobby, considering a new career and looking for a taster?

I used to sew with my mum, and my grandma - but my sewing skills had fallen by the wayside. During the pandemic, I took up sewing again - my skills were so rusty, and I had to teach myself from scratch. I knew that if my skills were to improve it was time for professional instruction. I'd not entered a classroom since I graduated university over ten years ago, so I was a bit nervous but the team put me at ease straight away.  

Would you recommend our Art & Design short courses to others and why?

The course was fantastic - I couldn't recommend it highly enough - in fact I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to be attending the summer course. I'm hoping to see you there?! I also thought the course was great value for money - you get 1-1 expert teaching over eight weeks, and access to professional standard machines. Ultimately, I'd like to get an adult education qualification in sewing or tailoring, and would love to do this with the Kingston College gang.