Salon 1 recently buzzed with creativity and talent as Level 2 and Level 3 Hairdressing students took centre stage in a grand Masterclass Hair & Beauty competition. The event, held over two days, saw students exhibit their hairdressing skills in front of a distinguished panel of eight guest judges from the Hair & Beauty industry.

Tuesday: Level 2 Hairdressing

On Tuesday, students created an image based on a theme. This unit is pivotal in cultivating creativity and innovation, essential qualities for designing images for various platforms like fashion magazines, catwalks, theatre, and film. Students had the freedom to choose from three captivating themes: Historical, Fantasy, and Special Occasion.

Throughout this unit, learners are trained to meticulously plan and develop their images using mood boards, working both independently and collaboratively. The emphasis is on hard work, effective planning, imagination, and, importantly, having fun.


  • 1st Place: Davina - Fantasy
  • 2nd Place: Alina - Special Occasion
  • 3rd Place: Irene - Special Occasion

Wednesday: Level 3 Hairdressing

The excitement continued on Wednesday. Students showcased their creative hairdressing design skills. This unit requires learners to conduct in-depth research and planning to create an image that demonstrates a broad range of skills, ultimately enhancing their personal profiles.

The focus of this unit lies in determination, resilience, effective planning, budget control, imagination, individuality, and creativity, with an underlying principle of enjoying the process.


  • 1st Place: Jozeth - Fantasy
  • 2nd Place: Ihsan - Fantasy
  • 3rd Place: Teja - Special Occasion

Esteemed Judges

The competition benefited greatly from the expertise of esteemed guest judges, who contributed their insights and knowledge to the event:


  • Denise Hart, The Hair Club London
  • Natasha Edwards, Exquisite Hair & Beauty Salon
  • Yasmin Parvaiz, Sajna Hair & Beauty Salon
  • Melissa Mccullock, My Hair Bar
  • Stephanie Kamara, Touchless Salon


  • Denise Hart, The Hair Club London
  • Natasha Edwards, Exquisite Hair & Beauty Salon
  • Yasmin Parvaiz, Sajna Hair & Beauty Salon
  • Claudine Collins, Natures Natural Hair
  • Nadia Hussain, Hair Loving
  • Lathaniel Couture, Lathaniel Couture

Special Thanks

A heartfelt thank you goes to Jennifer Hylton, Hairdressing lecturer, and the Employability team for orchestrating this successful event. Their dedication and support were instrumental in providing students with this invaluable opportunity to showcase their talents and learn from industry professionals.

The Masterclass Hair & Beauty competition not only highlighted the remarkable skills of the students but also reinforced the importance of creativity, hard work, and fun in the world of hairdressing.

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