With the forthcoming General Election in mind, Kingston College hosted a hustings event on Tuesday 18 June, hosted by College Principal, John O’ Shea.

The hustings consisted of a panel of representatives from mainstream political parties: Helen Edward (Conservative and Unionist Party), Ali Abdulla (Workers Party of Britain), Yvonne Tracy (Kingston Independent Residents Group) and Alison Holt (Liberal Democrats).

Representatives of the Student Council led on a series of questions designed to reflect the most popular issues faced by Kingston College students. Each of the candidates shared their Party’s manifestos and also answered a range of questions from students on topics including the cost-of-living crisis, tuition fees, climate change, personal safety and immigration.

Kingston College Principal, John O’Shea, said: “Thanks to the all candidates and the students who took part in the Kingston Hustings. This was an extremely engaging event. The questions were thought-provoking and candidates handled them with gusto. Thank you to all the candidates for taking part and engaging with our young people on the issues that really matter. Look forward to seeing the result.”