Foundation Degree (FdA) Early Years students held a wonderful and inspiring exhibition of Early Childhood Pioneers, with visitors including Level 2 and 3 learners on Early Years courses at Kingston College, external partners and practitioners and family and friends who chatted to the students about the importance the project has had on their learning.

The exhibition was the culmination of a research project which explored historical and international perspectives which shape and challenge education in England. The students based their project on the ideas, philosophies and writings of some of the influential Theorists of early years education, including John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Friedrich Fröbel, and the McMillan sisters, as well as looking at the Japanese education system which fosters independence.

One visitor commented: “Thank you for the invitation, I was privileged to attend. It was so uplifting to meet your students, share their enthusiasm and energy, hear their stories of study, work and career and study plans and of their research work on the famous names in Early Years (and wider). I learnt a lot.”

Another visitor said: “I was really impressed with the sensory and immersive nature of the exhibition, the positive and engaging interaction with the students and their knowledge of the key early years practitioners in focus.”

David Hillier, Interim Group Manager for HE, said: “When I asked the students for just 4 words about their experience here, these were the words they all gave me – INSPIRING, ENCOURAGING, SUPPORT and RELEVANT. The course is a supreme example of HE in FE and its worth to students. And the teaching team includes Elle and Zara who have graduated and progressed from this very course themselves – a wonderful accolade!”

Early Years Lecturer, Zara Siddiq commented: “It is truly inspiring to witness our students’ journeys, from diverse educational backgrounds to their determination to pursue higher education, often motivated by personal and familial aspirations.”

For further course information visit: Foundation Degree (FdA) Early Years. Students studying the FdA Early Years at Kingston College, which is franchised by Kingston University, are already part of the Early Years workforce, practicing in a range of settings including primary schools, day nurseries and pre-schools.