Carshalton College played a major part in the preparation for the Easter Trail 2024 and have been working in partnership with Morden Hall Park in the design, development and production of various activity items and signage for the event.

Our Level 1, 2 and 3 Carpentry students created Sensory Boxes for participants to “feel the sound”, music themed signage boards and wooden xylophones, using recycled wood from wooden pallets.

As these were being made, our Foundation Learning students were busy painting and decorating the items.

Our Level 2 and 3 Creative Media and Production students are participating by taking pictures of the Carpentry and Foundation Learning students at work, doing research and writing up an article about the event. All the students will get a chance to help set up and see how the items have been displayed at Morden Hall Park for the event.

Some of the Carpentry students went beyond the requirements in the brief by creating wood musical notes for the event.

So far over 60 students have participated in this fantastic project!

A quote from Phoebe Herschdorfer, at Morden Hall Park on reveiwing the work:

“These look amazing! I can't wait to show the rest of the team. We've been talking about it in the office all week and the team who organise the Easter trail are getting more and more excited by the day! This has been such a lovely project to work with you on.