Battersea Arts Centre warmly welcomed our Level 3 Performing & Production Arts learners from South Thames College in January, offering an immersive exploration of this cultural hub.

Hannah, the Executive Assistant, guided the tour, seamlessly weaving tales of the building's history amid captivating art pieces. Aggie, the Inclusive Practice Officer, emphasized BAC's dedication to inclusivity and sustainability.

Banu and Cat, the Event Production and Production Managers, unveiled the intricate journey of bringing a production to life. Ella, the Programme Producer, and Molly, the Next-Gen Coordinator, stirred excitement among students about engaging programs like the Beatbox and Dance Academies.

Umut, the Head of Production & Technical, provided a technical tour, showcasing the wreck room housing essential equipment. Intisar Yusuf, Head of BAC’s social enterprise programme - The Agency, inspired 16-25-year-olds with opportunities to develop community-focused ideas, offering a chance to secure £2000 and support.

Learners kicked off the experience with a vibrant ice-breaker activity that set the tone for introductions. The tour concluded with an exclusive look at the Grand Hall in its set-up stages for an upcoming event.

The visit not only provided insights into the creative process but also sparked inspiration, reaffirming Battersea Arts Centre's pivotal role as a nurturing ground for the next generation of creatives in Wandsworth.