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Student playing guitar


Fancy a job at Spotify or Soundcloud? Have aspirations to be a rock star or the next Calvin Harris? Our dedicated professional music lecturers offer industry-level training in a wide range of practical and theoretical areas to ensure you are well prepared for progression into employment in the music industry, other related areas or on to undergraduate study either in performance or music technology.

You will work in our BigHead Studios, our industry-standard, fully integrated recording and rehearsal complex. BigHead comprises two professional recording studios, four production studios and four projects live rooms/rehearsal studios - all with the latest digital and analogue technology. All spaces are audio-linked and fully configurable to provide students with maximum flexibility in recording sessions.

Throughout the year there are numerous opportunities to perform at live events, to collaborate, create and record in professional studios.

Our short Summer Shows video encapsulates the talent, vibrancy and range of courses we offer!

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"My fantastic tutors are all encouraging, informative and helpful of the preparation for the different musical paths that you can take." EMILY WALSH, MUSIC STUDENT

Emily Walsh at the keyboard