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    9 Sep 2024
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    Sep 2024
    Level 6


Level 6 - BSc (Hons) Mental Health and Wellbeing

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The Mental Health, Wellbeing & Society degree is validated by Canterbury Christ Church University and delivered at Kingston College by staff from both the University and College. It aims to develop knowledge, skills and attributes that a wide variety of employers, both in the private and public sectors, are looking for.

It gives an opportunity to study mental health and wellbeing in a non-clinical capacity and provides you with an in-depth understanding of mental health and related public health policies that apply to England. Employability will be embedded within different modules across the course and the work-related experience modules all have specific employability focus. Graduates of this course will be equipped with the necessary attributes to work in a variety of roles in statutory and other heath, educational, social care or welfare settings and/or to progress to further specialist study or research.

An interest in mental health and well-being extends far beyond local and national dimensions and now forms part of worldwide focus. The need for the development of a global, national and local workforce that addresses the many multi-factored mental health and well-being requirements of individuals and populations has been further brought to the fore by the global Covid-19 public health pandemic.

The World Health Organisation have called for the development of a mental health system that is fit for the future, one that builds human resource capacity to shift care away from institutions and into community services and equips the workforce with the knowledge and skills to improve mental health and well-being. The World Economic Forum recognises the timely need for a mental health revolution that delivers affordable and accessible mental health care.

  • Introductory Course Info HE

    Increased interest in delivery of mental health services and support by subjects allied to health nationally, the call for a post Covid-19 mental health response has seen support from social influencers such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with The Royal Foundation's Heads Together campaign, developed in collaboration with children's mental health charities. This forms a platform for further highlighting mental health as a prominent issue in the public consciousness and a growing demand for services.

    Our experienced lecturers will help you to learn through a blend of interactive activities, lectures, small group discussions, one-to-one tutorials, online resources, and peer support. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your personal strengths and values in a supportive environment that will assist you in planning your future study and preparing for a health-related career. At each level of study you will take a work-based module that focuses on mental health in the workplace

    The BSc Mental Health, Well-being & Society focuses on teaching and learning around the growing understanding that the prevention of mental and physical ill health and promotion of mental health and well-being is far better for individuals and society than a sole focus on curing illness.

    You will explore areas including: Understanding mental health, well-being and illness, communicating health information, promoting and improving mental health, mental health research, mental health promotion.

    Students currently studying at Kingston College can apply using a college Gold Application. Please speak to your tutor or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

    Awarding Body: Canterbury Christ Church University

    Fees: £9250 (Year 1)

  • Entry Requirements

    Standard entry requirements apply to this course. Applicants to the degree will be typically required to have 88-112 UCAS tariff points

    We would welcome applications from mature students with no formal qualifications but with relevant experience including those students currently studying the Level 3 Counselling courses at Kingston College.

    This course is delivered at Kingston College, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.

    Students who are currently studying at the college can be processed through a Kingston College gold application. Any students wishing to apply using this route please speak to your tutor or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Course Content

    The Mental Health, Wellbeing & Society degree includes a wide range of teaching and learning strategies. These strategies are designed to encourage you to develop both knowledge and skills, to develop as independent learners, and to continually apply your academic learning to real world experience and vice versa. They include work based-learning, group discussions, lectures, student presentations, flipped learning (whereby students may read or watch a presentation in advance, and this is discussed in class), problem-based learning, class based discussions, problem solving group work, brainstorming, use of case studies, reflection, use of broadcast media to show health in the real world, library based exercises, role play, creative practical exercises, peer learning, peer teaching, student led seminars, engagement with the virtual learning environment , IT skills, online discussions, and individual and group tutorials. Technologies such as Moodle and Turnitin will be used to support the learning and teaching strategy within the programme. Modules will operate within inclusive, flexible and responsive learning environments in order to support students to develop the qualities, knowledge and skills outlined in the programme aims. Some modules will require students to visit a health setting within their local community (e.g. workplace, service or neighbourhood). These details are included in the module outlines and would not incur additional financial or time costs to the students outside of their expected attendance of the module. The programme will be supported by the colleges Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

  • Progression Next Steps

    MSc Mental Health (Canterbury Christ Church University) MSc Global Public Health and/or PhD (Canterbury Christ Church University) Graduating students will be skilled to progress to careers in areas such as graduate entry healthcare, mental health support, social prescribing, public health, health and mainstream education, campaigning and policy development, health-related charity work and increasingly, public sector organisations who are commissioned to improve particular aspects of health and wellbeing.

  • Additional Information

    Students studying on this route will be required to undertake a minimum requirement of 280 hours of work-based learning in a variety of workplace settings as part requirement of three work-based learning modules. Members of the Kingston College teaching team are developing communication channels with a range of employers in order to develop opportunities for student work-based learning options.

    The students will undertake work-based learning credit-bearing modules over the three years of the route, at Levels 4, 5 and 6.

    Students will be in college for face to face teaching one full day and one evening a week although one module per semester will be delivered via remote learning.

    Fees for Year 1 - £9,250