Key Facts

  • Starting
    23 Jan 2025
    Kingston - Creative Industries Centre
    Start Time
    End Time
    8 Weeks
    Study Mode
    Part Time Evening
    Start Date
    23 Jan 2025


    19+ Fee
    £ 205
Fashion - Fixing & Mending

This 8-week course takes a sustainable focus on fashion, exploring techniques to repair and recycle garments in our specialist studios with the support and guidance from your lecturer. This course will introduce you to a range of fixing and mending techniques, including visible decorative mending, alterations and repairs to worn sections of clothes that you don't yet want to part with and the opportunity to make garments using zero waste patterns. This course is a fantastic opportunity to learn the skills to 'make do and mend' and ensure that you get the most from your existing wardrobe rather than buying new and therefore reducing the impact of fast fashion on our environment.

  • Entry Requirements

    There are no entry requirements for this course but we would recommend some previous sewing experience and confidence in using a sewing machine in order to get the most from the course.

  • Course Content

    You will learn how to use our domestic and industrial sewing machines with the ability to repair and upcycle your own clothes. You will begin with tutor-led projects to introduce you to basic repair techniques with the opportunity to then focus on your own projects as the course develops.

  • Progression Next Steps

    You could progress onto another of our evening classes such as Fashion - Sew Your Own Clothes, where you can explore garment construction from start to finish, or try our new sustainably focused arts course, Earth Matters – Reduce, Reuse, Repair.

  • Additional Information

    As this is a fixing and mending course, you will be expected to provide your own garments to be repaired (a list of suggested garments will be sent out prior to the course starting). All equipment and additional materials will be provided. Should the repair of your garment be very ambitious, we may ask for a contribution towards additional materials used. We are happy to recommend suitable suppliers.