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  • Starting
    14 May 2024
    Start Time
    End Time
    5 Weeks
    Study Mode
    Part Time Day
    Start Date
    14 May 2024
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    19+ Fee
    £ 0 - 65
Interior Design - All Levels

Designing interior spaces has a significant influence on the sustainability of homes and indoor environmental quality .

This course focuses on the fundamentals of environmentally-conscious design strategies. The course covers subjects such as health and well-being, artificial and natural lighting, thermal comfort, energy efficiency, sustainable materials, recycling and reducing waste throughout the design process.

  • Entry Requirements

    There are no entry requirements for this course.

  • Course Content

    You will learn about maximising efficiency while minimizing negative impacts on the environmentand design principles that promote sustainable interior planning.

    At the end of the course you willhave the knowledge ofdesign principles that promote Sustainable Interior Planning and will be inspired to create healthy indoor spaces with a minimum impact on the environment.

  • Progression Next Steps

    Further Interiors courses

  • Course Structure

    The course will include six modules that are designed to be sequential and will help to build knowledge and confidence to enable learners to design sustainable residential spaces . Each module is designed to be three hours long with a break of 15 mins.

  • Assessment Details

    Assessment is on-going with teacher feedback, self assessment and individual learning plans.