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    5 Jun 2024
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    5 Weeks
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    Part Time Day
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    5 Jun 2024
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    19+ Fee
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20th Century Japanese art

This course begins with the Perry Expedition of 1853, and looks at the interaction between Japanese traditions and Western art, and the impact of the events and developments of the twentieth century of Japanese culture.

"For a background to the History of Japanese Art leading up to the beginning of the course you might like to watch this:

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  • Entry Requirements

    There may be materials you need to help with your studies. You'll either make a one-off payment for these when you enrol, or you'll buy them during the course. Your tutor will talk to you about this at interview or in your first class (if you don't need an interview). Depending on your course and circumstances, you may be able to get funding to help with materials fees. Please check with us when you come in for interview or enrolment.

  • Course Structure

    Teaching delivery is in a lecture format accompanied by visual images, with accompanying summary videos on YouTube. There is opportunity for discussion and debate about the various topics within the lesson. You will be encouraged to visit museums and galleries to view the originals of some of the works studied during the course.

  • Assessment Details

    Assessment is on-going.