Key Facts

  • Starting
    6 Jun 2024
    Start Time
    End Time
    5 Weeks
    Study Mode
    Part Time Evening
    Start Date
    6 Jun 2024
    Short Course


    19+ Fee
Essential Digital Skills - Intermediate (T3E)

This intermediate course will further build your confidence using a computer through guided step-by-step teaching. This course is part of our non-accredited Essential Digitals Skills offer, designed to explore MS Word and Excel formatting tools, including creating, editing, and organising content in tables as well as a range of common tools to create a variety of documents.

  • Entry Requirements

    L1 or equivalent IT and English skills.

  • Course Content

    Intermediate level Essential Digital Skills:

    • Using the tools in Microsoft Word to customise headings, apply shading to words/paragraphs and change/use line spacing
    • Storing data – save the document on OneDrive and Dropbox
    • Introduction to create a simple spreadsheet, formatting spreadsheet, edit contents, use quick access toolbar
    • Insert headers and footers, insert page break, insert a table, formatting the table, change page orientation within a document
  • Progression Next Steps

    E3 or L1 Digital Skills qualification courses within the college.

  • Assessment Details

    You will complete individual practical tasks in class using a computer. There will be class discussions to help you understand and share ideas, and you will do some work in pairs or small groups. There will be homework assignments where access to your own connected device eg. Laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone would be a benefit.