Key Facts

  • Starting
    10 Jun 2024
    Start Time
    End Time
    5 Weeks
    Study Mode
    Part Time Day
    Start Date
    10 Jun 2024
    Short Course


    19+ Fee
    £ 0 - 50
Cake Baking: Mastering the Basics

Learn all the baking tips and tricks, baking using oil or butter, what makes your cakes moist and the different methods of how to combine your ingredients. Go home with delicious moist fluffy cakes to be proud of. Your tutor will email you the list of ingredients needed for you to carry to college. Ready to get baking? Get your aprons and containers ready and enrol today.

  • Course Content

    This course is the perfect course if you are a beginner baker or enjoy baking already but struggle to get consistent results each time with your bakes. The tutor will share simple recipes and give you tips and tricks to ensure your bakes come out perfect each time. The lesson time is a great chance to practice recipes in a professional teaching kitchen while having the opportunity to ask questions and develop your skills.

  • Additional Information

    the tutor will write an email to you 2 days before the course starts with a list of ingredients Please bring an apron NEW START DATE 10/6/2024

  • Course Structure

    The lessons will include troubleshooting tips where the tutor will explain some common things that can go wrong with cakes and how to avoid them. Each lesson will have a Q&A session at the end where learners can discuss their baking issues and ask questions.

  • Assessment Details

    Your teacher will give you feedback and advice. You'll work with your classmates to evaluate each other's work. You'll also complete an individual learning plan.